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We are a Legal Journal Publishing House, bringing you quality legal journals, reporting decisions of the Honorable Supreme Court of India, the Honorable High Court of Madras and other High Courts, in all matters.

A modest start in 1995, under the guidance of eminent legal professionals, our first journal, Current Tamil Nadu Cases, was started as a fortnightly - With an initial subscriber base of 400 subscribers, it is now the most sought after journal, now a weekly with a subscriber base of more than 5000.

In 2004, Current Tamil Nadu Acts and Rules, was started as a fortnightly journal, publishing the Statutes of the Government of India, and Government of Tamil Nadu.

In 2002 we took over the publishing of Madras Weekly Notes (Criminal) and again in 2004 we also took over Tamil Nadu Motor Accident Cases.

In 2010 we started two New Journals - Fortnightlies - (1) Madras Weekly Notes (Civil) exclusively covering civil law judgments of Madras High Court and Supreme Court and (2) Current Writ Cases, Exclusively covering writ law judgments of Madras High Court and Supreme Court. We took over Labour Law Notes (Started in 1972) from the previous publishers in 2010.

CTC Library (formerly known as CTCOnLine), a computerised law information database solution, was started in the year 2007, with quarterly updates is an excellent tool to quickly locate the decisions on any subject of law. This contains Full Text of the judgments of the Madras High Court, as reported in our five journals, CTC, MWN (Civil), MWN (Criminal), CWC, TN MAC and LLN. A unique feature of this product is the reproduction of the journal pages as "ORIGINAL PRINT".

With growing number of Journals and Publications made us feel to group and all the above have been brought under a new name CTC Publications Pvt. Ltd. from November, 2013

We are thankful to our subscribers and well-wishers for giving us excellent support, by subscribing to our journals and books. We promise to give you the best possible from our end.


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